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Your Key to Hassle-Free Housing in Sweden

Moving to Sweden presents exciting opportunities, but it also comes with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to finding a place to live. Let's explore some key aspects and solutions to help newcomers navigate the Swedish housing market more smoothly.

1. Housing Options and Costs

When you first arrive in Sweden, finding housing can be daunting. Previously, companies used to sponsor visas and provide accommodation for up to six months, easing the transition. However, this practice has become less common. If you plan to buy a house, be prepared to liquidate your assets, as upfront costs are substantial—ranging from 2 million to 7 million SEK, depending on location and size.

Moreover, securing a mortgage has become more challenging with rising interest rates, now averaging around 5%. This increase, exacerbated by post-pandemic inflation, makes fixed-rate loans less feasible for newcomers.

2. Additional Considerations

Buying a house in Sweden involves more than just the purchase price. Factors like waste management and electricity costs scale with the size of the property, influencing ongoing expenses. Another crucial consideration is proximity to schools. In Sweden, where children are assigned schools based on their residential address, finding a home close to a preferred school is a priority for many families.

3. Importance of Home Insurance

Early in my stay, I learned a harsh lesson about home insurance. A minor issue when leaving a rented property resulted in unexpected costs of approximately 10,000 SEK due to damages we weren't aware of. This experience underscores the importance of comprehensive home insurance, although it's essential to note that not all scenarios may be covered.

4. Beware of Housing Scams

Scams are unfortunately prevalent in Sweden's housing market. It's not uncommon for individuals to pay for a property only to discover later that it doesn't exist or isn't as advertised. This risk is particularly high for newcomers who lack local knowledge and connections. Ensuring that deposits and rental payments result in actual keys can be challenging without proper safeguards in place.


Samtrygg is a company that offers reliable housing solutions in Sweden. With a wide range of properties across 1400 locations including major cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Malmo, Samtrygg stands out for several reasons:

No Need for a Personal Number:

Samsung stands out because they don't require a personal identity number. Without personal number nothing moves in Sweden. In Sweden, this number is crucial for accessing medical services, job opportunities, and schooling. With Samtrygg, you can secure housing without this requirement, even if you're not physically in Sweden. Samtrygg allows you to secure housing without this bureaucratic hurdle.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Whether you're in Sweden or abroad, Samtrygg provides personalized customer service throughout your rental period. They assign a dedicated customer service for your entire rental period. Virtual viewings and consultations with landlords are conducted via video calls, ensuring transparency and convenience, even if you are residing in another country. The landlord and customer service representative collaborate to show you the entire house and discuss details during the call.

30-Day Home Insurance:

In Sweden, it's important that the condition of the house remains as it was originally provided. If proper care isn't taken, tenants are responsible for any damages incurred. Unlike in India, there are no labourers available to fix minor issues, making it advisable to include home insurance in your contract.

A standout feature offered by Samtrygg is 30-day home insurance, a rarity in the market. This insurance covers discrepancies between the property's condition upon move-in and its initial state, providing peace of mind without the need for immediate additional insurance costs. There's no need to purchase additional home insurance immediately upon moving in, as it's typically already included.

Fraud Protection and Legal Advice:

Given the prevalence of housing scams, Samtrygg includes fraud protection and access to legal counsel, essential for safeguarding tenants against potential pitfalls.

Samtrygg offers unique features including no deposit requirement, security insurance, personalized service, and secure rental agreements.

To sum it up

Having lived in Sweden for over eight years, I've experienced firsthand the challenges of finding housing as a newcomer. Companies like Samtrygg not only simplify the process but also provide crucial protections and assurances that alleviate much of the stress associated with housing transitions.

Navigating the Swedish housing market requires careful consideration of costs, legalities and reputable services like Samtrygg ensures a smooth and secure transition. By understanding these factors and leveraging reliable resources, newcomers can focus on settling into their new life in Sweden with confidence and peace of mind.

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